Medical Office Assistant & Unit Clerk


Qualification: Diploma
Duration: 37 Weeks
Delivery: Blended
Video: 740 Hours
Lectures: 100 Hours
Practicum: 6 Weeks



Certified Medical office assistants’ career duties will range from overseeing patient records to filing insurance claims, and both precision and excellent management skills are musts. The doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals will rely on to keep the office in order, serving as the first point of contact with all patients, who will also trust that they are optimizing their experience with their office. Students will learn how to represent their medical office exceptionally. Medical office assistant duties include documenting physician orders, preparing patient treatment, updating patient information, and scheduling patient appointments.


A certified unit clerk is responsible for maintaining a record of doctors’ instructions, creating guidelines for treatment, monitoring schedules for doctors, scheduling appointments for patients, and organizing patients’ health records.


Because of the sensitive nature of medical details, there are strict rules and guidelines that cover how and when recordings must work. At the same time, audio and video files require a written transcription – something that is still difficult and some cases impossible to automate. Students will gain the expertise necessary for producing accurate, high-quality transcripts based on audiovisual sources.


Doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals trust that the medical records they use throughout the day are accurate, and to keep up with these records, they entrust medical record specialists who are qualified, experienced, and dependable. At ERP College, students will sharpen their record-keeping and communication skills, among others, as they earn their diplomas and prepare to enter their careers.


Post-Secondary Degree or Undergraduate Degree:

  • Verified By Transcript
  • Prioritize Biology 30 or Equivalent High School Level Biology Course

English Proficiency
International English Language Testing System IELTS score of 5

  • Canadian Language Benchmark C.L.B. level 5
  • Listening 5
  • Speaking 5
  • Reading 5
  • Writing 5

Interview: Program applicants require an interview.

Internal Basic Skills Test

  • Program applicants require a basic skills test based on a grade 12 education
  • Understanding English
  • Understanding Mathematics

If you do not meet the admissions requirements and are interested in our program, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us anyway as we understand every situation is different and we will find ways to accommodate you.

Program Content


Setting goals and developing a plan, personal success strategies create pathways through barriers and toward achievement in the medical field, enabling professionals to reach their ultimate potential.


Neatly-kept spreadsheets and databases facilitate effective data management to keep the medical office running smoothly


These are proper terms for ailments and body parts that describe patients’ bodies and their conditions accurately


Pharmacology revolves around the interactions between medicines and people’s bodies and their use as treatment options.


These are the correct procedures and steps that medical office assistants take to serve doctors and maintain order in the medical office environment.


Medical transcription is the process of creating records from audio and video files in order to establish a history of care for each patient.


The confirmation of payment and care, health records, and medical billing statements are used for monitoring doctor and patient interactions.


Anatomy is the science of the human body, while diseases are the conditions that affect it. Studies of these topics go hand-in-hand, the two of them combining to make up the science that medical professionals rely on to offer patients care.


Our specified practicum and classroom program develops the essential skills needed to succeed in the medical office industry. Every student has the opportunity for a flourishing career. Our program provides students with the courses, training, hands-on experience, giving them the confidence to excel as a Medical Office Assistant or Unit clerk. As part of an ongoing effort to introduce students to live work environments prior to graduation, ERP College has formed partnerships with top Calgary employers in the medical field. We have set up a practicum as part of these partnerships, placing our students into a 6-week on-the-job training program. Our practicum is equivalent to work experience, so when they create their resume, they can list 120 hours of work experience – in addition to the diploma that they earn through the ERP College Medical Office Assistant and Unit Clerk program. Students will understand how a world-class employer operates in Calgary, offering the skills that they have acquired at ERP College. As they strengthen their knowledge, fortifying the concepts that they learn by putting them into action, they will develop into a medical office assistant or unit clerk worthy of a long and prestigious career.

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