Small business owners are seeing less returns from traditional marketing medias like print media and direct mail campaigns. They are now exploring new medias for creating their market space. With the advantages of online marketing many small and mid size business are considering it over traditional marketing methods .

These are a few advantages that digital and social media marketing offers:

Advantages of Internet Marketing

  • Cost-Effective
  • Measurable impact
  • Brand Engagement
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Real-time result
  • Refined Strategy
  • Long term Exposure
  • Product information
  • Less Obtrusive
  • Consumer attention
1. Cost Effective – You can also save money with online Pay-Per-Click advertising where it is easy to experiment with small ad volumes until you perfect your strategy and then expand your marketing budget when you are assured of a positive sales return.

2. Measurable Impact – With online marketing, everything can be tracked and illustrated in detailed graphs that illustrate traffic growth, leads and sales conversions from your specific search marketing campaigns.

3. Brand Engagement – You need to establish and maintain positive brand awareness and client loyalty. Apart from word-of-mouth and leveraging your personal relationships with your established clients, a website is the most important marketing tool a business can have.

4. Demographic Targeting – The degree to which an online marketing campaign can target and measure the response from specific demographics and regions is often astonishing to business owners who normally use traditional media.

5. Real time result – With a paid search marketing campaign you can experience real-time results that enable you to fine-tune your marketing message to achieve your desired effect.

6. Refined Strategy – Using online marketing analytics and tracking tools you can test conversion rates at a fraction of the cost of a traditional media campaign.

7. Long term exposure – The benefit of an organic search marketing campaign that optimizes a website for specific keywords is that you will achieve a long-term return on your investment.

8. Product information – With social media networks like Facebook and Twitter re-enforcing the value of positive word-of-mouth exposure, trust is more important than ever in the marketing field.

9. Less Obtrusive – With online marketing, you can target consumers precisely when they are searching for products and services that your business can provide.

10. Consumer Attention – With online marketing you can encourage them to take action, visit your website and read about your products and services which results in vastly increased “stickiness” of your marketing message.

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