Introduction about SAP

Are you interested in SAP technology as a career? SAP has a huge presence all across the world with a number of businesses and companies using it to adapt themselves to the fast-paced environment as well as for their own business and their employees career growth, some of those companies are: SAP America, Inc., IBM Corporation, CSC, Dell, Hewlett Packard, BMW, 3M, Coca Cola, Airbus, eBay, AirBnB and many more others

What is SAP?

In 1972 Wellenreuther, Tschira, Plattner, Hector, and Hopp came up with the SAP software. By 2010, SAP had over 75,000 customers spread across many countries worldwide. The company has its headquarters in Walldorf, Germany.
SAP simply means Systems Applications and Products in Data Processing. It is the name of the company as well as the name of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
SAP consists of modules that cover every aspect of business management. It provides end to end solutions for logistics, accounting, finances, distribution, human resources, and inventories, it grants everybody in the company the advantage of working on a synchronized and systematic environment.

Why should you take SAP as a career?

SAP implementation is a very complex yet organised process. It is a process that needs excellent skills and knowledge. As such, when you train to become a professional in SAP, you get into a field that is in high demand.
SAP training opens a world of opportunities for you while providing you with a long-lasting career that will make you financially stable.
The SAP software cloud based environment provides multiple areas that you can use for your career development. You can become an SAP Network Specialist, SAP database administrator, SAP security consultant, etc. you can also choose to pursue SAP business information warehouse, SAP customer relations management, SAP business intelligence, and so on.
As you choose the career that you can pursue with SAP, you should ask yourself why you are choosing it and if you are ready to stick with it. Some of the benefits people choose a career in SAP technology include:
• On the job learning
Taking SAP technology is a great way to learn how businesses operate. As a professional, you will be dealing with various industries, including chemical industries, government agencies, automobile companies, mining, technology companies and so on.
As you deal with the companies, you will learn how they operate, and you will also learn what it takes to become a successful consultant.
• Financial stability
Since SAP implementation is a complex process, you will get decent pay as an SAP professional. The payment for SAP consultants is among the highest you can get. This leads to you living a quality life with prospects of becoming better as you grow in the job.
 In demand
According to Indeed, SAP jobs are in high demand. Most companies that use SAP technology will offer jobs to job seekers with SAP functional and technical know-how. There are different positions for novices and experts.
• Interesting profession
SAP consultants spend most of their time dealing with people and analyzing business processes. They design, analyze, and come up with solutions for the organizations. They are continually talking with managers, colleagues, SME owners, etc. As an SAP consultant, you can also be involved in presentations to potential clients as well as preparing proposals. All these make the job an interesting one.
• Challenging tasks
Nothing makes you learn more than facing a challenge. Sometimes, a company may approach an SAP consultant with a challenging task. Maybe they want the consultant to establish a new distribution channel for sales, or they want a solution for capital procurement.
Such tasks demand that the consultant should have SAP functional and technical know-how as well as problem-solving skills. Facing such challenges makes the consultant hone their skills, which makes them more prepared for the next task.
• Transfer of skills
As an SAP consultant, you have functional and technical skills that you can use not only in SAP but in other areas in the organization. You can be involved in training, developing business processes, and so on.
SAP training
SAP has different eligibility criteria for its various modules. Some modules are available for novices and others for the experienced people in respective domains.
As you choose your career in SAP, the route you take will also depend on whether you are aiming at technical or functional roles. You can go for programming if you are more inclined to programming. On the other hand, functional is for you if you like dealing with daily activities and the needs of clients

SAP Modules

SAP has a total of 25 modules. Not all the modules are implemented in every enterprise. The modules that are mostly implemented are the ones in high demand. or the ones most needed depending on the company’s type of business You can also choose the module to take depending on academic background and work experience. For instance, if you are a human resource manager, you can take the SAP HCM module.
Some of the highest SAP modules include:
· SAP ECC FI (SAP Financial Accounting)
· SAP SCM (SAP Supply Chain Management)
· SAP HCM (SAP Human Capital Management)
· SAP BI (SAP Business Intelligence)
· SAP S/4 HANA (SAP Business Suite 4 SAP HANA)

Companies also prefer to employ certified professionals other than only trained people. SAP certification is a benchmark for SAP consultant’s expertise. This makes SAP education a must for you if you want to pursue a career in SAP technology.
There are tons of benefits that come with the certification. These include getting a job, a better salary than ordinary trained people, and getting a reputation as a certified SAP consultant. Plus, you also increase your chances of getting a promotion.

How much can you earn in SAP?

According to Neuvoo.ca , Entry level positions start at $50,298 per year while most experienced workers make up to $198,900 per year. However the average salary for SAP professionals is $99,206 a year.

The companies range over different fields ranging from health, mining, hospitality, and so on.
Some of these enterprises are multi-billion companies that employ thousands of employees. All this points out how SAP technology is in high demand. As such, a career in SAP technology would be a step on the right path


If you are thinking about going for a career in SAP, then you should make up your mind and do so. There are a lot of benefits that come with the occupation. Apart from the decent pay, the job also comes with a lot of respect and reputation. You get a chance to work in multinational corporations, interact with professionals in your domain, provide solutions to client needs, and learn all the time. for a fast paced SAP career progress ERP college provides extensive SAP boot camps for professionals seeking to advance their own careers

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