Boot-Camp: Python for Data Science

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The big data market is expected to be worth $103 billion by 2027. The ability to access, interpret, and use data is critical for business success in the big data era. Whereas companies struggled to access data in previous years, today, their main challenge is sifting through vast amounts of data available. To stay ahead of the competition, organizations are now investing in data scientists. As such, enrolling for a data science program will put you in a prime position to capitalize on the opportunities in the industry

The ERP college conducts data science bootcamps to equip learners with skills that are in line with today’s corporate needs. The ERP college data science bootcamp is designed to equip learners with the necessary skills to use machine-learning and Python-based statistics to interpret data

The bootcamps are short but intensive, with the focus being on collecting, recording, storing, analyzing, and visualizing data using Python. By learning about data science, you will gain a skill that will make you invaluable in your organization. This program is suitable for professionals in their respective fields

Who Can Enroll?

To enroll as a data science student at ERP College, you must meet some requirements. To begin with, you must be comfortable with maths, fluent in English, and possess basic coding skills using Python. All these should be accompanied with an undergraduate degree or post-secondary degree

English is your second language, you will be required to take and pass one of the following:

  • Canadian Language Benchmark C.L.B. Level 5
  • International English Language Testing System IELTS
  • Speaking 5
  • Listening 5
  • Writing 5
  • Reading 5

Post Secondary Degree or Undergraduate Degree:

  • Verified By Transcript
  • Prioritize Programming
  • English Language Proficient:

 If English is Your Second Language you must pass the following:

  • International English Language Testing System IELTS score of 5 
  • Canadian Language Benchmark C.L.B. level 5 
  • Listening 5
  • Speaking 5
  • Reading 5
  • Writing 5

Key Learning Objectives

ERP College’s data science bootcamp lasts a total of 45 hours split into ten lectures. The data science bootcamp is split into different sections. They are:

  • Section 1: Introduction to data science
  • Section 2: Python basics for data science
  • Section 3: Analyzing Data with Python
  • Section 4: Visualizing Data with Python
  • Section 5: Machine learning with Python
  • Section 6: Data science and machine learning project

Upon completion you will learn the fundamentals of Python programming, model development, data visualization and machine learning models and evaluation, This bootcamp will equip you with the skills needed to start a career as a data scientist

Career Opportunities

Learning data science is a career revolutionizing step. There is a huge shortage of data scientists across the globe. Data scientists are essential not just for technology firms but to all sectors

There’s no universally accepted definition of a data scientist’s role as different organizations may require varying skill sets from their data analyst. Some of the careers that revolve around data science include:

Data Analyst

This is an entry-level career in the data science ecosystem. The role of a data analyst is to assess company and industry data to find solutions for the company and relay findings to the necessary departments for action to be taken

Data Scientist

Data scientists perform a similar role to data analysts, but their role also involves building machine learning models. By using such models, they are able to use past data to make accurate predictions about the future

Data Engineer

Data engineers are responsible for the infrastructure that handles a company’s data needs. Their role involves building data pipelines that assist organizations in retrieving the latest marketing, sales, and revenue data in a format that’s usable by data analysts and data scientists

Machine Learning Engineer

In some organizations, the role of a machine learning engineer is similar to that of a data scientist. However, the role of machine learning engineers in some organizations also involves using analysis from data scientists to develop deployable software

Quantitative Analyst

Also referred to as quants, quantitative analysts come up with solutions or make predictions for the future in relation to finance and risk based on advanced statistical analysis. As a qualitative analyst in Calgary, you will also require to be knowledgeable in statistics

Business Intelligence Analyst

A business intelligence analyst performs the same role as a data analyst but with the sole purpose of analyzing business and market trends

Program Outcome

There are many lucrative career opportunities for a student in the data science field. ERP College data science bootcamp will not only teach you more about these opportunities, but offers students a comprehensive education for tomorrow’s job.

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