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Program Overview

The Massage Therapy program at ERP College is designed to provide an in-depth academic training and hands-on practical experience needed to be part of the emerging demand in the Healthcare field as a Registered Massage Therapist. The program aims to develop a well-rounded massage therapist who can practice in a wide range of medical and therapeutic settings.

This program aims to facilitate students’ ability to assess and provide treatment of chronic diseases, injuries, stress, pain and other medical conditions through a variety of massage techniques. Students will be trained to conduct patient assessment, develop treatment plans, execute a safe and effective treatment and evaluate the outcome. Students will also be prepared to be an entrepreneur and will be able to run their own business either putting up their own massage clinic or running their mobile massage service.

The graduates of this program will be recognized by the Alberta Ministry of Education and will be eligible to become a Registered Massage Therapist (RMT) through the provincial associations. ERP College caters to the need of adult learners as we provide flexible and blended learning structures. We offer morning, evenings, weekend, and midweek classes for full-time students.


The ideal candidate for the Massage Therapy program has:

  • Alberta Secondary School Diploma or equivalent, or if 18 years of age or over you may apply as a mature student and should have an academic achievement test (Wonderlic) to demonstrate grade 12 competency. (Grade Equivalent Score – 301-315)
  • Applicants whose first language is not English will be asked by the institution to specify the Canadian Language Benchmark level. English language proficiency test (CLBA, IELTS/CAEL), with the following Benchmark Level:
    • Listening = 5
    • Speaking = 5
    • Reading = 5
    • Writing = 5
  • Assessment Interview to determine suitability for the Massage Therapy program
  • Applicants must have a logical mind, excellent organizational skills that would be assessed at the time of an interview.

Career Paths:

  • Massage Clinic either alone or shared with other Therapists
  • Clinic or center with other health care professionals (e.g. Chiropractors, Physicians,
  • Athletic and sports massage
  • Tourism Industry
  • Corporate and on-site massage
  • Hospitals
  • Mobile massage/home visits
  • Clinic in your own home

Is Massage Therapy for you?

  1. As a healthcare professional who can work on your own schedule; flexible and independently.
  2. Have an opportunity to work and travel at the same time (working holiday visas) or work anywhere in the world.
  3. A career in massage therapy can be a perfect career for you if you are friendly, energetic, have a passion to heal, flexible and give importance to a balanced lifestyle of work and personal life.

Why Study Massage Therapy at ERP College?

  1. Blended learning, we don’t waste your time. We offer virtual live online classes to give you an opportunity to be a Registered Massage Therapy anywhere you are.
  2. Online Virtual classes give you an assurance that professional learning support is given to the students. You will never feel you are studying alone.
  3. Modular delivery of the course.
  4. At least one or two practical in-person teaching sessions per month.
  5. We have our own massage clinic to practice


This program includes and in house practicum in the ERP Massage Clinic with a total of 100 hours and community outreach total of 45 hours.

Program Outcome

Upon the successful completion of the Massage Therapy Program at ERP College, graduates can apply to be a Registered Massage Therapist in Alberta. Being a Registered Massage Therapist in Alberta they will have various options to choose from as healthcare professionals


First Year

[stm_course_lessons title=”Communication and Ethics”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Safety and Sanitary Practices”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Anatomy and Physiology”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Musculoskeletal Anatomy”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Massage Therapy and Practice”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Clinical Assessment”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Thermal and Hydrotherapy”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Therapeutic Exercises”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Clinical Practicum”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Clinical Outreach”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Professional Skills”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Career Planning”][/stm_course_lessons]

Second Year

[stm_course_lessons title=”System Anatomy”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Neuro Anatomy & Physiology”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Musculoskeletal Anatomy”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Nutrition”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Pharmacology”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Clinical Theory and Practice”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Advance Therapeutic Exercise”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Kinesiology”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Advanced Massage Techniques”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Pregnancy and Infant Massage”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Clinical Assessment 2″][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Clinical Outreach 2″][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Clinical Practicum 2″][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Integrated Studies”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Business of Massage Therapy”][/stm_course_lessons]


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