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Businesses can only make decisions that are as strong as the conclusions drawn. To draw sophisticated conclusions, businesses rely on certified business analysts who know how to wrangle business data, analyze it, and present it in way that will help executives take informed decisions.

At ERP College, by earning the certificate, students will learn the systems needed to understand complex business information. These systems include a relational database management system (RDBM) and SAP business intelligence, which together form the basis for business information organization and reporting. Moreover, Students will learn the practical applications of SQL Server, UDT (Universal Design Tools), IDT (Information Design Tool), WEBI Rich client tool, along with Microsoft Access, mastering each and using them together. Moreover, Students will also learn how to convert their business information into visual aids for reporting and communication purposes, this concept is called data visualization.

Working within a SAP environment, students will gain hands-on experience with cutting-edge tools and software that they can use to make the most of the data that is available to them. Students will oversee databases, take charge of intelligence analysis, analyze data for business decisions, and report on their insights.


Candidates for the Business Analysis For Business Intelligence Course are preferred but not conditioned to  meet the following criteria: 

Post-Secondary Degree or Undergraduate Degree

  • Verified By Transcript
  • Prioritize Business, Information Technology
  •  English Language Proficient

English as a Second Language ESL must pass one of the following

  • International English Language Testing System IELTS score of 5 
  • Canadian Language Benchmark C.L.B. level 5 
  • Listening 5
  • Speaking 5
  • Reading 5
  • Writing 5
  • Internal Interview Process
  • Program applicants require an interview. Successful candidates have their choice of program.
  • Technical Aptitude Toward Business Applications
  • Computer Programming Experience
  • Relational Databases Experience  
  • Operating Systems Skills (Windows)


The Data Analysis, Design for BI and DW Systems program will use the RDBMS and SAP BI toolset to give you the skills you need to develop, administer and analyze corporate data. You will learn industry-standard data management best practices and techniques.

Business analysis involves understanding market trends and helping decision makers find ways to realize strategic operational and tactical goals as they relate to culture, capital, costs, customers, compliance, competition, and competence, our classes include but not limited to:


Relational tables are central to the way that business intelligence analysts organize and interpret most data. The better students can wield their relational and analytical data sources, the more strikingly they will be able to draw insights from their data. Students will understand relational and analytical data sources and their importance at a high level.


As Business Intelligence analysts deal with exceptionally large data sets or multiple data sets, scaling up their organizational methods will push them to get creative. Dimensional data modelling is a data structure technique optimized for Data warehousing tools. Students will refine their capacity to model dimensional data in order to make large data sets useful to their employers.


Across almost all web applications, SQL remains the gold standard for data organization. This is also true for the vast majority of data encountered in a business setting. students will become an expert at choosing the right structured query language for every project and then using it properly.


A framework for business intelligence, SAP BO Business Intelligence 4x represents the most cutting-edge technology available to business analysts. Once students know how to navigate this framework, they will take their business analysis skills to a new level.


In order for business data to be communicated, it needs to be reported clearly. This largely relates to how well they convert their data visually, for which SAP Lumira is particularly well-suited. Students will learn all the ins and outs of SAP Lumira, including when and why to use it.


The skills that students are taught as a business intelligence analyst will only be useful in so far as they can put them into practice. As part of our Business Analysis for Business Intelligence program, students will see how their skills apply to the real world and the profound impact they can create for businesses


Certified Business Analysts have a multifaceted career as the connection between business practices and information technology. It is the analyst job to identify, document, analyze, solve, modify, and implement business or IT system improvements in corporate operations. We aim to provide an education that will strengthen our student’s analytical database skills in RDBMS, SAP, and OLAP facets allowing careers to expand.

Within the business and IT sectors, certified business analysts are never short on opportunities for work. The right data and the right insights are extremely valuable to businesses. At ERP College – Calgary, Learning skills for RDBM systems, SAP BI, and OLAP, students will be able to dive right into a career in business intelligence analysis.


Businesses intelligence developers are responsible for devising solutions to business problems, drawing on the data at hand so that it can be presented to executives in order to make informed decisions.


Business intelligence analysts determine how best to understand the business data available, introducing new strategies for analyzing data and explaining unexpected outcomes in the data. These professionals are also responsible for collaborating with IT professionals to create software for working with big data.


A certified data specialist works in conjunction with marketing and sales professionals to create a clear vision of the market landscape. Analyzing data, a data specialist must be able to organize and analyze large data sets efficiently in order to present conclusions about the business.


The data visualization analysts are part statistician and part storyteller. Converting data sets into narratives and transforming numbers into images, these professionals create clarity for executive decision-makers with regard to the information at hand.


Setting goals for their employers, business strategists also keep their organizations on pace toward those goals. They design and implement methods and systems that enable the organization to grow, creating plans that their organizations can follow to meet short-term goals that then lead into longer-term ones.


The objective of the Business Analysis for Business Intelligence program is to help business professionals make more effective business decisions. At the end of the program, students will be able to manage business information, drawing actionable insights from data sets that appear inscrutable to non-professionals. students will have a firm understanding of SAP BI, OLAP, and multiple RDBM systems, preparing them for careers in the ever-marketable field of business intelligence analysis. In addition, students will understand how these systems can affect business decisions positively and how to communicate their findings through these systems with executive decision-makers Because of the skills and business concepts, By earning a business analyst certificate students will be able to create significant value for the organizations that they work for, using cutting-edge software to organize big data sets and then draw conclusions from them. Students will have the option to proceed into several different business analysis and business intelligence roles.

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[stm_course_lessons title=”Section 1 – Relational and Analytical Data Source”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Section 2 – Dimensional Data Modeling”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Section 3 – Structured Query Language SQL “][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Section 4 – SAP BO Business Intelligence 4x”][stm_course_lesson icon=”fa-icon-stm_icon_youtube_play” badge=”video” title=”Welcome to the Course!” preview_video=”″ meta=”01:33″ meta_icon=”fa fa-clock-o”]Welcome to your firs’t video tutorial. This video will start with a simple introduction.

[/stm_course_lesson][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Section 5 – SAP Lumira”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_course_lessons title=”Section 6 – Hands on Project”][/stm_course_lessons][stm_multy_separator]


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2 reviews for Business Intelligence for Business Analysis

  1. Sarabjit Chana

    A very good course that trained me to be a database professional with SAP BI software application knowledge. The project is targeted towards the real life situations and completes the course.

  2. Mushtaq Hussain

    Having background in Environment/ O&G Sectors, attended SAP BI 3 months Course during this deep economic recession time, gained advance knowledge and acquainted with the business processes while working at Home Depot. At ERP Technical College learning environment, group assignments, solutions and personal attention of teachers also the group discussions with my fellow-students was marvelous.
    The Knowledge and support gained from my Instructor is highly acknowledged. The administrative staff and technical facilities at the college were all up to the mark. My best wishes to the ERP Technical College.

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