Without disruption, progress would come to a halt. But the convergence of technology, cloud, and social media is creating a climate of change where disruption can move at a rate never before seen. Who could have predicted that companies like Uber and Netflix would change entire industries?

Let’s face it, it’s better to be the disruptor than to be disrupted, but both possibilities require that we work faster, smarter, and simpler … at the same time.

According to Gartner, 10% of employees have access to data and analytics today. By 2020, 75% of employees will need it just to do their jobs. We are taking important steps with the SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence (BI) 4.1 platform and the SAP Business Objects BI solutions portfolio that will give you the capabilities to work smarter, faster, and simpler on an integrated platform.

  • Simplification of the SAP Business Objects BI Portfolio
  • Driving the Integration of the SAP Portfolio
  • SAP Lumira and the Platform of the Future


Simplification of the SAP BusinessObjects BI Portfolio

By applying SAP’s theme of “Run Simple” to our business, we are dramatically simplifying the number of BI solutions in our own portfolio. SAP Business Objects BI 4.1 offers a solid base from which to align, consolidate, and provide customers a simpler process for selecting the right tool for the job.

Our BI portfolio, which delivers a comprehensive set of solutions, has grown through both organic development and strategic acquisitions. Our goal is to provide a single SAP Business Objects BI suite with a secure, highly scalable BI platform that gives customers the option to buy client tools individually.


Driving the Integration of the SAP Portfolio

We have a strategy we call “better together,” based on the premise that you can use SAP Business Objects BI solutions, SAP HANA, and our mobile platform separately, but there is greater value and capability when you use them together. For example, if you want to analyze data from SAP or

SAP is taking important steps with the SAP Business Objects Business Intelligence (BI) 4.1 platform and the SAP Business Objects BI solutions portfolio to give customers the capabilities to work smarter, faster, and simpler on an integrated platform.

different sources, SAP Lumira is a very powerful analytic tool, especially its visualization capabilities. If you want to build mobile apps that run on every device imaginable, our mobile platform is the solution for you. Finally, if you want to use SAP HANA to transform your enterprise platform, you can use that separately as well.

That said, “Better together” means that using these products together enables you to unlock capabilities that wouldn’t be possible if you were using these products separately. SAP Business Objects BI 4.1 is optimally designed to work as the analytics front end for SAP HANA when working with any volume of big data, and it enables native access to BI data from SAP Net Weaver, as well as from over 140 other data sources. Our mobile platform and tools capabilities give you the ability to analyze, search, and explore information at any time, from any place — all from a centralized BI platform designed to leverage synergies.

Our vision is simple: to provide any company — of any size — an entire end-to-end platform, on-premise or in the cloud that will allow it to anticipate and/or create disruption in its industry.

Innovation and Visualization 

SAP Lumira and the Platform of the Future

As experts in business intelligence, we understand it’s not about just the numbers. Clearly, what people want today is to be able to visualize those numbers, understand the information around the data, and act on what the information is telling them. SAP Lumira is our user-focused business intelligence tool that provides companies with quick access to the ever-expanding types of data people need to access and enables them to quickly build beautiful visualizations with just a few clicks.

In addition to visualizing data, you have to tell a story. The issues around data don’t change due to the way the information looks. Let’s say you’ve “visualized” some data and discover that you don’t have enough inventories to meet demand. That alone won’t change how your company operates. With SAP Lumira, you are able to take action with SAP’s performance management solutions with just a click of the mouse. So it isn’t just about looking at data — it’s about understanding the story and being able to act on it, immediately and simply.

You can go to and download the free desktop tool. If you want to share reports via a secure server, you can access that tool on the same site. You can even publish reports using SAP Lumira Cloud instantly! The experience is great and easy to access. And it’s all free! I urge you to give it a try.


With Forrester ranking SAP as the leader in 2013 Enterprise BI Platforms and 2014 Agile BI, it makes sense for you to access the most complete portfolio of BI solutions on the market to address the needs across your organization. Business is never static — there will always be disruptors and those that are disrupted. Companies that work faster, smarter, and simpler will set themselves up to win in this changing economy.

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