Digital & Social Media Marketing


Qualification: Certificate
Duration: 52 Weeks
Delivery: Blended
Video: 12 Hours

Practicum: 8 Weeks

At ERP College’s Digital Marketing program, we cover the fundamental and more complex topics in digital marketing. We are setting our students up for lifelong success and pointing them toward careers that will afford them stability and security, emphasizing skills that are in high demand today and that will remain in high demand in the years ahead. Creative and business-focused professionals can jump-start their careers with us, developing their gifts while they accrue the wisdom and real-world experience they need to find jobs that suit them.



The business has shifted online, and by learning how to oversee digital marketing campaigns effectively, you can take advantage of that shift. At ERP College you will learn the skills that you need to plan digital marketing strategies and then execute them. The responsibilities of the digital marketing strategist include creating online marketing strategies that businesses can use to promote their products or increase their website traffic in order to increase the leads, the strategies include SEO and social media campaigns


“Content is king, and that has never been truer than it is in the digital realm. At ERP College you will learn how to create effective content marketing and how to manage others who are doing the same, developing your technical skills as well as your leadership skills are an essential part of your future career. The responsibilities of the content marketing lead include researching and developing news articles, blog posts, and web writing, the content marketing professional engages audiences in order to deliver business messages in a way that is organic. Other duties may include collaborating with graphic and visual professionals.


In order to thrive on social media, you need to work from a plan. Social media strategy comes down to analytics and understanding how to act on them. At ERP College you will learn what goes into social media strategy and how to master it. the responsibilities of the social media strategist include determining the best strategy across multiple social networks for the business, the social media strategist plans and creates content to generate engagement among potential customers, emphasizing branding that fits each social network


In the digital age, data is more available than ever before. This data is only as useful, however, as the insights that we can glean from it. You will learn how to interpret and wield analytics for the businesses and projects you serve. The digital analyst reviews business data, and analyze it to figure out the position of the business relative to competitors and then draw conclusions about future strategy and goals. In this role, the analyst focuses on the web presence and social media audiences.


Post-Secondary Degree or Undergraduate Degree:

  • Verified By Transcript
  • Preferably in Business, Information Technology

English Proficiency
International English Language Testing System IELTS score of 5

  • Canadian Language Benchmark C.L.B. level 5
  • Listening 5
  • Speaking 5
  • Reading 5
  • Writing 5

Interview: Program applicants require an interview.


  • Internal Basic Skills Test
  • Program applicants require a basic skills test based on a Grade 12 education
  • Understanding Mathematics
  • Police Background Check for Practicum as Needed



Research and study your competitors so that you can learn what makes them successful, generating insight on what marketing channels work and what does not. This will enable you to analyze, plan, and implement strategies for improving target traffic rates to your website and reducing conversion cost in order to outperform your competitors.


From functioning well with search engines to connecting effectively with audiences, content optimization is a primary concern for all digital marketing professionals. You will learn how to format and create content that works on multiple business levels.


Every day, more businesses are turning to social media for their product promotion needs, to come out on top, you need to know what the platforms such as Facebook, expect of you and what they reward. At ERP College you will learn concrete steps that you can take toward conquering social media as a digital marketing professional.


Website development will remain a critical skill in the decades ahead, and despite the growing presence of social media online, businesses still need a place that they can call home. At ERP College you will learn which tools you need to develop a website, focusing on WordPress, which is the tool of choice for many developers today. You will also learn HTML, which is the standard markup language for organic web pages and web platforms.


Search engine optimization (SEO for short) can lead to tremendous leads and sales if done properly. Entrepreneurs across all industries have figured out how to leverage SEO keywords and content optimization for exponential business growth, and you can do that as well. At ERP College you will learn what goes into SEO and why it is so valuable.


Regarding your campaigns on Google Ads, your clients and partners will want to hear one metric first and foremost: the cost per click (or CPC for short). This metric is a strong predictor of conversions and user acquisition costs, so all digital marketing professionals need to understand it completely in order to outperform in Google Ads campaigns. At ERP College you will learn the concepts of CPC in-depth and how to impact it for your campaigns.


Machine learning has put immense problem-solving power within reach for digital marketing professionals, and if you understand how to use the power of Google Analytics integrated with Google Ads for your benefit, you can take advantage of that problem solving throughout your career. You will become a master at finding your ideal customer with a minimum cost.


User experience and user interface (UX and UI for short) are concepts that digital marketing professionals need to grasp for winning and retaining customers across all demographics (and regardless of demographics too). Outstanding design can lead to incredible results, and across all platforms (iOS, Android, desktop), UX/UI design skills are in high demand. At ERP College you will learn how develop a road-map to standing out for your UX / UI work.

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