Frequently Asked Questions

Is there financial aid available for the program?

Yes, ERP College offers financial aid opportunities for eligible students. For the application process, follow and apply these steps.

i. Eligibility:

To be eligible for a student loan, you must be a Canadian citizen, have permanent resident status or protected person status under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act.

ii. Apply for Student Grant:

■ If you’re an Alberta resident, visit Student Aid Alberta to apply for a student loan.
■ If you’ve lived in Alberta for less than 12 months before starting your program, you must apply for student loan funding from your province of residence.

iii. Next step after Student Loan Application:

Step 1: Wait for the application approval.
Step 2: Complete the MSFAA (Student financial agreements for both NSLSC and provincial where required ).
Step 3: Attend the Orientation.
Step 4: Get your enrollment confirmed.

How to register?

Fill up the student information Form to get started, then our admission team will contact you to assist you in registering.

How will this course and certification help advance my career?

This curriculum will assist you in developing and refining your abilities, knowledge, and involved perception. ERP College students will earn a certificate at the end of the course.

When is the next intake?

ERP College has intakes every month. For admission details, Contact us.

What type of support is available for students throughout the program?

The candidate will receive assistance services throughout the program, including academic advising, mentorship, and career services. In addition, our lecturers and care staff are committed to aiding you in succeeding in the program and achieving your professional goals.

What kind of training will I receive in the course?

Our program provides comprehensive educational strategies and instructive technique that consolidates on-site and online. As a result, ERP College students will receive a high-quality education from our professional program instructor and receive hands-on training that allows them to secure positions in distinguished firms. In addition, the student will receive a certification at the end of the program completion, which will help her achieve career success.

What are the requirements to graduate with honors?

There are three categories for honor graduates.
■ Academic Excellence Award – Students with grades not lower than 85%.
■ High Distinction Award – Students with grades not lower than 85% and part of the top 10 of the graduating batch.
■ Valedictorian – Will be evaluated and selected by the academic and graduation committee based on the required qualifications to be a valedictorian.

How can I join the class?

Please follow the steps below if you use a laptop or desktop computer.

■ Go to
■ Login with your email ID or username provided at the time of admission from the academic department.
■ Type your password.
■ Check your email a classroom invitation should be with a link.
■ Click on the link, and you can join the online class.

How can I get my Official Transcript of Record and Diploma?

Once all your academic requirements, including practicum and tuition fees, are settled. You will receive an email from our academic department that your Official Transcript of Record and Diploma are ready.

How can I check my grades?

Go to Google Classroom, sign in to your account, and click on view your work (on the top). Click Grades to see your grades.