Office Administration


Qualification: Diploma
Duration: 44 weeks
Delivery: Blended
Lectures: 190
Practicum: 6 Weeks

This program will provide students with relevant administrative and technical skills to meet the demands of the current corporate working environment. Helping students to develop and improve on basic skills such as oral and written office language abilities, word processing, document preparation techniques, contemporary office procedures, current software applications, and problem-solving techniques. Furthermore, it will also teach students basic social media marketing skills, to be able to fulfill today’s administrative profile.

Post-Secondary Degree or Undergraduate Degree:

  • Verified By Transcript
  • Preferably in Business, Information Technology

English Proficiency
International English Language Testing System IELTS score of 5

  • Canadian Language Benchmark C.L.B. level 5
  • Listening 5
  • Speaking 5
  • Reading 5
  • Writing 5

Interview: Program applicants require an interview.


  • Internal Basic Skills Test
  • Program applicants require a basic skills test based on a Grade 12 education
  • Understanding Mathematics
  • Police Background Check for Practicum as Needed

Program Content


People can only work within teams if they are able to share their thoughts with one another. If you facilitate this process, you make yourself immediately more valuable than you would be otherwise in your career. Business communication is a matter of listening and responding to people’s thoughts and feelings. You will master the art of hearing people and telling them what is on your mind.


For businesses to stay afloat, systems need to coalesce with one another. Otherwise, chaos ensues, leaving everyone in the office scrambling to get anything else. You will see how office procedures make a difference to employers and what you can do to institute, promote, and maintain them throughout your career.


From time to time, employers rely on office administrators for basic accounting duties or more. When they do, you want to know that you can step up, offering your services without reservation. You will pick up the skills and concepts that you need to take on accounting duties in an office administrator or accounting assistant role.


When your employer does better, you do better in your career too. This is especially true if you are the one who is causing your employer to do better. Toward this end, social media has opened up new opportunities across all industries. You will learn methods for running social media accounts to support the business for which you are serving as an office administrator.


Once you start your job search, you should approach every listing confident that you are the person they are looking for. There is more that you can do than simply foster self-confidence, of course. We will put effective, time-tested employment strategies into your tool belt so that you can enter the job market knowing what you are looking for and how you are going to get it


ERP College collaborates with respected Calgary employers in order to place students in 6 weeks of practicum training for live, invaluable work experience as an office administrator. The 44-week Office Administration program requires a minimum of 120 on-the-job hours in Calgary, during which students will apply what they have learned in the ERP College Office Administration program. You will see how your office administration skills apply to live Calgary business environments. This practicum is an opportunity for students to hone their skills, putting what they have learned into practice so that they can enter the workforce confidently. You both learn and work when you trust ERP College with your education.


Section 1: MS Office & Keyboarding
Section 2: Business Communication 1
Section 3: Business Communication 2
Section 4: Office Procedures Level 1
Section 5: Office Procedures Level 2
Section 6: Office Accounting 1
Section 7: Office Accounting 2
Section 8: Social Media for Business
Section 9: Employment Strategies

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